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July 28, 2021

5 Ways to Make Your Home Safer

Knowing that your family and your possessions are safe when you’re away from home gives you the peace of mind needed to live a happy, healthy life. Chances are, you’ve already heard a lot about home safety. But what methods are the most effective? Man putting in Smoke Detector

  1. Dead bolts: The majority of burglaries are committed as crimes of opportunity, through unlocked doors and windows. Ordinary door locks can be picked, but dead bolts add another layer of protection to your home. Install them on all exterior doors and remember to lock up when leaving and before going to sleep. 
  2. Motion-sensor lights: Crimes of opportunity also involve selecting homes that are cloaked in darkness. However, the use of outdoor motion-sensor lighting can scare thieves away when the once darkened yard is suddenly illuminated by a flood of light.  
  3. Security alarm: If your budget allows this option, installing a security alarm is an effective method of theft deterrent. Choose an alarm company that offers 24/7 monitoring and that will call the authorities if the alarm is tripped. For those that don’t wish to spend the money on an alarm system, you can purchase a fake (yet realistic) yard sign or window sticker that advertises a security company in order to trick burglars into thinking your home has this protection.  
  4. Smoke detectors: Installing smoke detectors in every room of your home provides the best protection in case of a fire. Make it a routine to manually check the batteries every six months in case you’re away while the chirp signifies a dying battery. In addition to smoke detectors, plan a fire escape emergency plan with your family and run a practice drill annually. 

  5. Kitchen safety: Most home fires ignite in the kitchen as a result of forgetfulness or negligence while cooking. To prevent accidental spills, turn pan handles in toward the wall and coil up appliance cords neatly on the counter. Keep flammable items away from the stovetop and any hot pans or appliances. And most importantly, never leave cooking food unattended.  

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